Alyssa joined the Co-op staff in 2014 as a teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program. Prior to taking a few years to raise her two children, both of whom attended the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool, Alyssa worked as a preschool teacher for children ages two through five. Alyssa holds a B.A in Psychology, with a concentration in development and learning, and an A.S. in Child Studies. While her children attended the Co-op, Alyssa participated as both a parent and a board member. She is delighted to continue her career in such a family-oriented environment.

Alyssa believes in a child-centered, play-based curriculum, where the teacher works as a facilitator, allowing the child’s curiosity to direct his or her learning. She encourages independence, offers assistance to promote self-awareness, and encourages problem-solving skills. In line with the philosophy of the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool, Alyssa feels strongly that it is important to provide a climate that allows for positive social interactions. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys being active with her family and friends. Alyssa and her family live in Framingham.