• For Children turning 3.0 by September 1
• Offers a consistent and enriching routine of daily activities while engaging children’s curiosity and creativity.
• Activities are designed to encourage children’s independence, decision-making, and self-guided play.
• Cognitive skills are built though play and creativity.
• Curriculum revolves around supporting active learners!

In the Preschool Program, children explore their independence and autonomy, begin to build their own relationships with others, negotiate conflicts, and establish bonds. With the purposeful guidance of our teachers, children begin to see themselves as problem solvers. Whether the problem is where to place a puzzle piece, how to negotiate with peers, or how to explain what happened in a story, the children in our preschool program learn the critical thinking and social skills that will help them use creative play to find solutions. Our curriculum is designed from a deep knowledge of child development and guided by the careful observations teachers make of the children throughout the day. Children are exposed to activities that engage all areas of learning, including STEM, literacy, social studies, and the arts.