Throughout our school year, we look for opportunities to bring communities together, both inside and outside of school. External community activities involve connection and outreach events. For building our internal student community, we take two months out of the year for everyone to explore the same topic or theme, which allows us to connect across all our age groups in a variety of educational settings.

Whole School Field Trips

Family field trips are a Sudbury Co-op tradition. We start the school year by going apple picking with the whole school as a way to build our community and get to know each other. The whole school also makes a tradition of reading Make Way for Ducklings and visiting the Boston Public Gardens in late May.

Community Outreach

Pre-K Local Business Trick-or-Treat
In October, our Pre-Kindergarten Classes visit local businesses at Mill Village in their costumes to Trick-or-Treat for non-food treats!

Red Nose Day
In the spring of 2017, both Pre-K classes participated in this fantastic event. Red Nose Day started about 25 years ago to raise awareness and funds for kids who need support, both at home and around the world. The children in our Pre-K classes were asked to complete a special chore at home to earn a dollar to donate to Red Nose Day. The kids were so excited to bring in their earned money, share the chore they helped with at home, and receive a red nose for their work. It was amazing to hear the chores the kids completed at home. They cleaned toilets, cleaned toys outside, helped build a rock wall, made mom's bed, helped with laundry, helped get ready in the morning, emptied the dishwasher, set the table for dinner, cut wood for a chicken coop, and helped put laundry away. We plan to include this opportunity for ‘giving-back’ in our Pre-K classes as an annual event.

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Past Whole School Programs

Oh the Places we will go! Get ready for a world-wide adventure this January. Through this theme, the children will learn about the diversity of our world. They will explore different climates, animals that live in these climates, and how the weather affects how people live. Children will delve into an exploration of what our world actually is- they will explore our earth, continents, and what makes up land and water. From there, all modes of transportation will be examined- trains, boats, airplanes, and even animal transport! As children get stamps on their "passports" from traveling around the world, they will also focus on learning about the foods, music, language, and sights that make up our amazing planet! This school-wide curriculum culminates with a family passport day in Ames Hall.

In April 2017 and May 2016, we came together for a school-wide curriculum- Artists in Bloom. The staff worked together to plan activities around famous artists, different art mediums, photography, and all things art related. We wove this theme into all areas of learning, including science, math, literacy, and social studies. Our month will began with an interactive in-house field trip from the MFA, and end with a gallery exhibit in the school.

In January 2017, our whole school participated in an immersive curriculum- Winter Wonderland. The children explored the science behind cold weather, delved into geography by exploring the different parts of the world where winter could be found, and learned all about winter animals and hibernation. Through hands on math, science, art, literacy, and cooking activities, the children explored all the magic winter has to offer!