School Philosophy

The Sudbury Cooperative Preschool is a unique, family-centered learning environment. It is a community of trusted adults working together for the education of each child. Every member of The Sudbury Cooperative Preschool community works together to create an environment that inspires children to develop self-assurance and a love of learning. Our child-centered program fosters creativity, independence and self-reliance within a supportive learning community, using a play-based curriculum. Our dedicated educators work together to encourage the development of each child’s learning, social skills, and personal growth. Children learn through engaging activities that tap into their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Mission Statement

The Sudbury Co-operative Preschool was created in 1949 by parents who wished to participate in their children's early childhood education. It is a cooperative school owned and operated by its members. It offers a varied and enriching preschool program that addresses the child's total developmental needs and provides the parents with an opportunity to participate in their child's first school experience. This school is a learning community built on caring and cooperation. Through gentle adult guidance and successful experiences, children build self-confidence, heighten their feelings of self-worth, and celebrate learning. We take pride in being a cooperative and conduct our school in a socially responsible manner, with respect for our children and their families, our educators, and our community.