Dear families,

I wanted to take a moment to highlight our upcoming free parenting workshop with Dr. Rachel Kramer on March 28. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with an expert in child development and psychology, get some practical tools and advice, and develop a sense of understanding and empowerment as a parent.

The pandemic has affected everyone in ways we could have never predicted. From anxieties we might observe in our children, to understanding our own limits and thresholds, the workshop is a place where everyone can feel supported as they ask questions and develop strategies to address whatever challenges they might be facing, or even just validation that others are experiencing them as well.

Every parent has their own style and approach to boundaries, limits, big feelings, and just the day to day aspects of parenting. Each child has their own working edges and expansiveness to be explored. Dr. Kramer will help attendees identify these strengths, develop a new insight on where challenges might be coming from, and the provide everyone with a fresh perspective and different strategies to try. She is also there to just be a sounding board for whatever is on your mind. Dr. Kramer has a down to earth approach with practical tools and and a wonderful sense of humor. She truly is a wonderful resource and wealth of knowledge.

I encourage everyone to come and take advantage of this opportunity. The workshop is open to the wider community, so feel free to invite others to join as well.