Our curriculum is a living document, which changes according to the needs of the children. We show our respect to each child’s individuality by helping each develop at his or her own pace and readiness. Small classes allow teachers to tailor lessons to each child’s interests, and to maximize individual attention. Teachers get to know each child both as an individual, and as part of his or her family. Our teachers serve as facilitators, encouraging the development of self-help skills, social skills, and problem solving skills, in addition to socio-emotional development and self-confidence. Age appropriate learning is embedded in all of the children’s activities and encourages literacy, numeracy, and scientific thinking skills. Teachers select specific topics based upon the interests, strengths, and individual needs of the children in the class for that particular year. Themes are carried through to all of the interest areas in the classroom.

"Playful learning is embedded in relationships and in things that are meaningful to children"

- Erika Christakis, child development expert


At the Co-op our focus is on creative play as a learning tool.

For more information on play-based learning, please see this article.

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