As a Sudbury Cooperative Student, Your Child Receives

  • The benefit of experienced, committed educators:

Our EEC certified staff have an average of more than ten years experience in the classroom. Their degrees are in diverse fields, including science, early childhood, and art. They share a passion for developmentally appropriate learning that engages the whole child.

  • A gentle introduction to school:

Our teachers visit with each child prior to the beginning of school. For new students and Toddlers, home visits are available. We actively work with parents of children with separation anxiety to make the transition to school as easy as possible.

  • A customized approach:

Our curriculum is a living document, which changes according to the needs of the children. We show our respect for each child’s individuality by helping each develop at his or her own pace and readiness. Small classes allow teachers to tailor lessons to each child’s interests, and to maximize individual attention. Teachers get to know each child both as an individual, and as part of his or her family.

  • A foundation for social success:

Sudbury Co-op students build social and emotional competence through interactions with a wide variety of parents and teachers. One benefit of this interaction is a strong foundation for learning throughout each child’s school career, and for the rest of their lives.

As a Sudbury Cooperative Parent, You Receive

  • Comfort:

With the opportunity to personally know all the teachers and parents who interact with your child.

  • Community:

By joining a group of parents and educators who share a commitment to play-based, child-driven education.

  • Personal Growth:

By helping in your child’s classroom, you have the opportunity to learn valuable tricks of the trade from our experienced educators. You will share your own parenting techniques and ideas with other Co-op parents, and learn theirs as well.

  • Parent Participation Enhances a Child’s First Learning Experience

Each member of our community is a contributing member. We respect and value differences; parents, teaching staff, and children interact respectfully and communicate openly. As a part of the Sudbury Co-op, you get to know the students, families and teachers in your child's school, through community events, school improvement activities, and intermittent classroom help days. We strive to provide flexibility for working parents. Learn more from our educators and current families during your visit to the school!