Lana joined the Toddler Program teaching team as an assistant teacher in 2018. Prior to taking a few years off to raise her youngest daughter, Lana worked as an early childhood educator for 20+ years. She originally came to the Co-op as a parent, and thoroughly enjoyed her volunteer days and occasional
subbing for the Toddler class. Finding a play-based and family centered program was a top priority for her, so the Co-op was a great match. Lana has a nurturing and compassionate teaching style, which she also extends to her interactions with parents; open and positive communication with caregivers is essential in creating the best possible experience for the children. Lana believes that her most important role as an Early Childhood Educator is supporting a child’s social and emotional development. While she has gathered many useful tools throughout her teaching career, singing is one of her favorites. Lana can often be heard singing familiar or made up on the spot songs during the school day. She lives in Wayland with her family.