At the Co-op, our classes include a variety of structured and unstructured activities, with more structure provided as the children are developmentally ready for it. During child-guided play, children have access to a wide array of materials available to encourage process-centered art as well as the ability to move freely across all areas of the classroom.

When facilitated by an experienced educator, this unstructured time of day provides key opportunities for the children to explore and develop their self and social intelligence within a rich environment. Children’s development in all areas is greatly supported by time outdoors, so we make every effort to ensure children have access to outdoor learning opportunities whenever possible.

Each day at the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool is designed to give children ample opportunities for learning, exploration, and positive interactions.

A Day in the Toddler Class

Toddlers begin the day with free-choice play in order to foster their sense of independence and comfort in the classroom. This often includes sensory or art activities, in which the children are encouraged to participate and learn through using all their senses. Free play is followed by snack, which is an opportunity to introduce literacy skills through stories or conversations at the table. Music and Movement comes next, followed by outdoor play exploration. The Toddler class ends the day with lunch, and another story time.

A Day in the Preschool Class

Our preschool class gathers in the morning with free-choice play. This is followed by snack, where our educators focus on guiding social interactions between the children, and also as an opportunity to discuss topics offered by the children. After snack, the children participate in circle time, which typically includes a story or song, and sometimes both. This structured time helps build a sense of community, self-regulation, and peer relationship support. A structured activity or project comes next, and encompasses the different cognitive areas of learning. The Preschool class ends the day on the playground if the weather allows.

A Day in the Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-Kindergarteners at the Co-op begin the day on the playground. This provides the children to begin their day with gross motor activities that set the tone for the rest of the school day. When they return inside, the group begins with a circle time, which includes daily calendar, as well as math, reading, or science activities. Circle time is followed by snack, where once again, our educators guide the children in social and conversational skills. After snack the children participate in a creative or art activity, before having free-choice play. The Pre-Kindergarten class ends the day with a second circle time, which usually involves a group game or story, building on the skills learned throughout the day.