Our Extended Day Programs currently include Early Drop Off, Lunch Buddies and Stay & Play.

Early Drop Off begins at 8:30 AM and is only available for families who sign up by the semester or the full year.
Starting for the 2020-2021 school year we will offer Early Drop Off beginning at 8:00 AM.

Lunch Buddies is a program that runs at the school from Noon-1PM. Students bring their own nut-free lunch, and enjoy a period of free play either inside or on the playground as weather permits.

Stay & Play is a program that runs at the school from Noon-2:30PM. Students bring their own nut-free lunch, and enjoy free play, playground time (or gross motor play in Ames Hall during inclement weather) and a unique enrichment activity each day of the week.

Our Afternoon Programs, Lunch Buddies, and Stay & Play begin immediately at noon dismissal, and are available on a drop in basis, as well as for families who sign up in advance for a discounted rate. Both options provide an opportunity for children to participate in mixed-age groups and build on the sense of community at the school. Children who stay for the full day are encouraged to take a rest after lunch.

Enrichment activities are offered during Stay & Play, and currently include:

Mondays: Drama Kids
Tuesday: Cooperative Games
Wednesdays: Tumble Bus
Thursdays: Super Sports
Fridays: STEM Fridays

See the detailed descriptions of each Enrichment Activity below:

Drama Kids We are thrilled to announce a new offering for our Stay and Play families! We are excited to welcome Susie Pallis from Drama Kids International who will be doing Theater on Monday afternoons this fall. Each class is geared towards preschool aged children. Workshops take children on fun in-school field trips to fascinating destinations where children use their imagination to act and explore. Early participation in drama develops confidence, and speaking skills, and serves as a wonderful introduction to acting and begins a life-long enjoyment of creative arts. We hope you will join us!!

Cooperative Games Kids love games! In this program led by Co-op staff, we'll explore all kinds of age-appropriate games in large and small groups. It will be an opportunity to learn important skills such as turn-taking and understanding rules of play, while in a nurturing environment, and having a fabulous time! Games will range in type and kind, and will feature a mix of cooperative and competitive play.  

Tumble Bus The Tumble Bus is just that- a school bus transformed into a mobile gymnastics studio, complete with ball pits, balance beams, and even a zip line. Each week, their certified instructors will focus on gross motor skills that build on each other in classes geared exactly for this age group.  

Super Sports The Super Sports program is presented by Be Ahead of the Game, an organization that provides opportunities for movement, sports, games, and fun to all ages of children.  Super Sports introduces a variety of sports and the basic skills needed to play these sports.  Cooperation and teamwork are the focus, and players learn proper warm-up, games, and stretching in addition to rules and tactics. A wide variety of sports and games are covered, all while having fun! Children should wear sneakers for this program.  

STEM Fridays It's time to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! Mrs Clancy from STEM Beginnings will be joining us to share her expertise!  The children participate in a hands-on presentation, do experiments, and use their natural curiosity to investigate and question the world around them. This program also includes special visitors in technological fields!