Our Extended Day Programs currently include Lunch Buddies and Stay & Play. Both options provide an opportunity for children to participate in mixed-age groups, and build on the sense of community at the school. Children who stay for the full day are encouraged to take a rest after lunch.

Pick up from Lunch Buddies is at 1 PM. Pick up from Stay & Play is at 2:30 PM.

Enrichment activities are offered during Stay & Play, and currently include:

Mondays: Tumble Bus
Tuesday: Explore and Create
Wednesdays: Super Sports
Thursdays: Collaboration Stations
Fridays: STEM Fridays

See the detailed descriptions of each Enrichment Activity below:

Tumble Bus The Tumble Bus is just that- a school bus transformed into a mobile gymnastics studio, complete with ball pits, balance beams, and even a zip line. Each week, their certified instructors will focus on gross motor skills that build on each other in classes geared exactly for this age group.  

Explore and Create Kids love to explore through all their senses. This is how they learn the best!  In this program led by Co-op staff, we'll spend each month experiencing a different art medium in a completely play-based and process-focused way.  It'll be time for fun and mess and creativity. Children will delve into the worlds of sculpture and architecture, drawing and painting, collage, photography, and everything in between.  All process-based, this program is about messy fun indoors and out!  

Super Sports The Super Sports program is presented by Be Ahead of the Game, an organization that provides opportunities for movement, sports, games, and fun to all ages of children.  Super Sports introduces a variety of sports and the basic skills needed to play these sports.  Cooperation and teamwork are the focus, and players learn proper warm-up, games, and stretching in addition to rules and tactics. A wide variety of sports and games are covered, all while having fun! Children should wear sneakers for this program.  

Collaboration Stations This program is all about mixed-age fun! Each week, the children will come together to explore stations set up around the classroom, in the playground, and outside.  From board games and art to sensory bins and manipulatives, the focus of this program is to work together to explore carefully set up activities.  The older children will get an opportunity to take a leadership role, while the younger children will get to learn from their peers. Don’t miss this tailored approach to mixed-age learning!  

STEM Fridays It's time to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! Once again this year, Anne Lee, founder of SAY (Science Around You) will be joining us to share her expertise!  The children participate in a hands-on presentation, do experiments, and use their natural curiosity to investigate and question the world around them. This program also includes special visitors in technological fields!