Susan has been the lead teacher in our Toddler Program since 2014. She originally came to the Co-op as a parent when her oldest child was two, and quickly became involved in the board and as a substitute teacher. Starting in 2008, Susan worked as the assistant in the Toddler Program. Susan’s education includes a B.A. in Psychology and study of child development. Prior to joining the Co-op, Susan worked as a research psychologist and human factors engineer, but her true love is working with toddlers. This youngest group of students benefits greatly from a personal connection with an educator who is willing to get down on the floor and get messy alongside them, which Susan does joyfully every day. Susan finds that willingness to engage her students on their level encourages them as they build self-confidence, the foundation for a successful school experience. Susan lives with her family in Sudbury, and in her free time is an active volunteer and Girl Scout leader.
Lori has taught in the Preschool Program at the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool since 1998. Lori’s experience with preschool children began in 1989. Prior to joining the Co-op as a full-time teacher, Lori worked as a substitute teacher and was a regular in the Co-op’s Stay & Play program. Before then, she spent two years at the Red Barn School in Weston, MA, where she gained experience in a cooperative preschool setting. She also worked with families and children for three years as Playgroup Director at the Family Place. Lori is a dedicated and caring educator who genuinely loves each child who enters her classroom. She believes in meeting each child where they are, and encouraging their natural curiosity through play. Lori finds that fostering social development is the key to long-term academic success, and so her class focuses on facilitating children’s social interactions. More than anything, Lori enjoys the partnership between parents and teachers and feels parent involvement enables her to be a more effective teacher. Lori and her family live in Sudbury.
Alyssa joined the Co-op staff in 2014 as a teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program. Prior to taking a few years to raise her two children, both of whom attended the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool, Alyssa worked as a preschool teacher for children ages two through five. Alyssa holds a B.A in Psychology, with a concentration in development and learning, and an A.S. in Child Studies. While her children attended the Co-op, Alyssa participated as both a parent and a board member. She is delighted to continue her career in such a family-oriented environment. Alyssa believes in a child-centered, play-based curriculum, where the teacher works as a facilitator, allowing the child’s curiosity to direct his or her learning. She encourages independence, offers assistance to promote self-awareness, and encourages problem-solving skills. In line with the philosophy of the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool, Alyssa feels strongly that it is important to provide a climate that allows for positive social interactions. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys being active with her family and friends. Alyssa and her family live in Framingham.
Dianne came to the Co-op in 2016, as a lead teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program. Previously, Dianne taught at the Boroughs Jewish Community in Westborough, MA, as well as at the BLOCKS program in Framingham. Dianne’s family-centered approach and team spirit make her a perfect fit for the Co-op. She has over 20 years of experience in early childhood, extensive experience in special education, and a true passion for what she does. Her creative and flexible curriculum gives scope to both STEM and social-emotional development. With her focus on kindergarten readiness, Dianne uses a play-based approach and an engaging curriculum to ensure that children are prepared for the transition, while instilling a love of learning and a sense of community. Dianne’s favorite moments are when she can share in the excitement of children as they make their own discoveries. When she is not teaching, Dianne lives with her family in Milford.