Susan has been the lead teacher in our Toddler Program since 2014. She originally came to the Co-op as a parent when her oldest child was two, and quickly became involved in the board and as a substitute teacher. Starting in 2008, Susan worked as the assistant in the Toddler Program. Susan’s education includes a B.A. in Psychology and study of child development. Prior to joining the Co-op, Susan worked as a research psychologist and human factors engineer, but her true love is working with toddlers. This youngest group of students benefits greatly from a personal connection with an educator who is willing to get down on the floor and get messy alongside them, which Susan does joyfully every day. Susan finds that willingness to engage her students on their level encourages them as they build self-confidence, the foundation for a successful school experience. Susan lives with her family in Sudbury, and in her free time is an active volunteer and Girl Scout leader.
Lisa joined the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool staff as an assistant in the Toddler Program in 2017, and is now a Co-lead Teacher for our Toddlers. We were delighted to welcome her to our administrative staff as Assistant Director in 2018. She also Co-leads our Extended Day Programs. Prior to her time at the Co-op, Lisa worked as a Lead Teacher at Circle of Friends, before moving on to spend many years operating her own Home Day Care. In her extensive experiences nurturing young children, Lisa has learned the importance of listening first. Her proactive management for handling transitions, and support for building goodbye routines are critical in managing separation anxiety in these youngest of our students. Lisa’s approach to early childhood education is warm and family-centered; a perfect fit for the Co-op model. Lisa and her family live in Framingham.
Lana joined the Toddler Program teaching team as an assistant teacher in 2018. Prior to taking a few years off to raise her youngest daughter, Lana worked as an early childhood educator for 20+ years. She originally came to the Co-op as a parent, and thoroughly enjoyed her volunteer days and occasional subbing for the Toddler class. Finding a play-based and family centered program was a top priority for her, so the Co-op was a great match. Lana has a nurturing and compassionate teaching style, which she also extends to her interactions with parents; open and positive communication with caregivers is essential in creating the best possible experience for the children. Lana believes that her most important role as an Early Childhood Educator is supporting a child’s social and emotional development. While she has gathered many useful tools throughout her teaching career, singing is one of her favorites. Lana can often be heard singing familiar or made up on the spot songs during the school day. She lives in Wayland with her family.

Carrie took on the role of Co-Lead Teacher for the Preschool Program in 2017. Carrie’s history with the Co-op actually began when her oldest child became a Co-op student. All three of Carrie’s children attended the school, and in 2015 Carrie became an assistant in our Pre-Kindergarten Program. In 2016 she added co-leadership of the Extended Day Programs. Carrie’s educational background is in social work, and her heart for service led her to a first career in that field, with a B.A. in Social Work, and as an LCSW. Her experience in behavioral assessments and implementing behavioral planning are instrumental in creating the best environment possible for our students. Carrie has a warm disposition and sunny energy, which she showers on children in her care, whether in groups or while one-on-one. She is always up for a fun activity or game, and loves to facilitate the children as they explore the answers to their questions about the world. Carrie’s class and curriculum are designed with love of the outdoors and a focus on building children’s social relationships as a foundation for lifelong learning. Carrie and her family live in Framingham, where she maintains an active role in her children’s educations with participation in the PTO.

Lisa found the Co-op after several years of searching for a Preschool that aligned with her desire for a family-centered, play-based educational model, and became a Co-Lead Teacher for our Preschool Program in 2017. Her education includes a B.S. in Human Services. For six years, Lisa taught as an assistant at the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Preschool in Groton, CT. She has also volunteered in violence prevention community education; a role that focused on curriculum development for conflict resolution and appropriate expression of emotion in early childhood. Lisa’s passion is in enriching the educational experiences of children by nurturing their natural love of learning, and honoring their individuality. She believes that this is what young children need to reach their fullest potential, and she seeks to find the best in each child she teaches. Lisa finds children learn best through play, and being allowed to be children, so her class and curriculum are designed with that in mind. Her favorite quote is this, “You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child.” Lisa lives with her family in Littleton, MA.

Alyssa joined the Co-op staff in 2014 as a teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program. Prior to taking a few years to raise her two children, both of whom attended the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool, Alyssa worked as a preschool teacher for children ages two through five. Alyssa holds a B.A in Psychology, with a concentration in development and learning, and an A.S. in Child Studies. While her children attended the Co-op, Alyssa participated as both a parent and a board member. She is delighted to continue her career in such a family-oriented environment. Alyssa believes in a child-centered, play-based curriculum, where the teacher works as a facilitator, allowing the child’s curiosity to direct his or her learning. She encourages independence, offers assistance to promote self-awareness, and encourages problem-solving skills. In line with the philosophy of the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool, Alyssa feels strongly that it is important to provide a climate that allows for positive social interactions. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys being active with her family and friends. Alyssa and her family live in Framingham.
Dianne came to the Co-op in 2016, as a lead teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program. Previously, Dianne taught at the Boroughs Jewish Community in Westborough, MA, as well as at the BLOCKS program in Framingham. Dianne’s family-centered approach and team spirit make her a perfect fit for the Co-op. She has over 20 years of experience in early childhood, extensive experience in special education, and a true passion for what she does. Her creative and flexible curriculum gives scope to both STEM and social-emotional development. With her focus on kindergarten readiness, Dianne uses a play-based approach and an engaging curriculum to ensure that children are prepared for the transition, while instilling a love of learning and a sense of community. Dianne’s favorite moments are when she can share in the excitement of children as they make their own discoveries. When she is not teaching, Dianne lives with her family in Milford.
Megan joined the Co-op in 2017 as a substitute teacher and has been working with children for over 6 years. We were delighted to welcome her as an assistant teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program in 2018. Her love for children and education began through her exposure to a family daycare in her home. Megan has experience working with children of all ages ranging from newborn to teenager and she has two younger sisters of her own. Megan helped plan, develop, and implement the first summer program at the Co-op and her creativity, resourcefulness, and organization made it a tremendous success. In her free time Megan enjoys photography, writing, and spending time with her friends and family.
Anna joined the Co-op as an assistant teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten Program in 2018. She is the mom of 2 amazing fun, loveable and energetic boys. Her oldest is Deaf and her youngest was at the Co-op for a year and half after the family moved to the area from Vermont. Anna enjoys working with children and seeing them grow, helping them learn, and seeing how they use their imagination. She has worked in a Deaf school with preschoolers and kindergarteners, and American Sign Language is a second language for her and her family. She loves to be outdoors no matter what the weather is and enjoys reading lots of books, playing games, playing and watching baseball, and listening to music.